Enforcement of cost order It’s important to remember that Employment Tribunal Cost Orders obtained on future earnings are enforceable in the High Court. The High Court does not keep copies of Writ of Execution it issues, as a result some bailiffs will amend them increasing……


Support vulnerable adults and the elderly by protecting whistleblowers in the United Kingdom

The judge stated in her judgement “The claimant was vocal in her poor opinion of the service offered to clients”, yet I was not allowed to rely on the documentation that evidenced vulnerable adults and the elderly received sub-standard care. I was reminded several times the Tribunal Court will only consider racial discrimination.


Care Quality commission (CQC) assessment of Stockport Council’s Reach service “Requires Improvement”.  Some of the findings made by CQC under personal care

“Regulation 12 HSCA RA Regulations 2014 Safe care and treatment Individual risk assessments were not always in place.

Medicines were not always administered and managed safely.”


iLegallyAfford  Project Open Justice is built into the DNA of Britain’s legal system. I am setting up  iLegallyAfford as a social enterprise to provide legal advice, HR  support advice and Counselling. I am  determined to make a difference in people’s lives by working with likeminded……


#JusticeForLitigantsInPerson “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour, and some style.” – Maya Angelou “I believe in together we stand and support each other, shoulder to shoulder, hold hands……

Employment Tribunal Claims. Ligitants in Person – Release Date 20 December 2020

Together, we can stand and support each other.  United, we can hold hands with each other and stand up against inequality forever.  We’re all humans and we must do what we can to protect our democracy so that we can live without fear of injustice.

The justice system is vital for ensuring a safe environment for everyone and resolving disputes in an orderly way.  The disadvantages faced by litigants in person stem from their lack of knowledge of the law and tribunal procedure.  They fail to choose the best course of action defence and subsequently, present their points in the Tribunal.  Civil legal aid is no longer available for either advice or representation in employment law matters, including discrimination claims under the Equality Act 2010.