24 Respite and Bed


24 bed Respite Care & Short Breaks with modern environmental equipment

We all have dreams, one of my dreams is to set up a Community Interest Company 24 bed Respite Care & Short Breaks in the North West, England for adults and vulnerable elderly people.

Being a carer on a long-term basis can be exhausting and there are occasions when a break from the relentless responsibility of caring is essential. Everyone deserves time out. Whether you care for a relative or are in need of care yourself, taking a break from your usual routine can do the world of good. As a carer you can relax, knowing that you’re relative, friend or patient is in a safe, welcoming environment with expert care tailored to their needs.

People who care for someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, often carry on without realising how tired or tense they have become. A break or holiday can help them relax and recharge their batteries. It is important that carers have regular breaks and make time for their own needs. Respite care may also be needed in other situations. For example, the carer might have to go into hospital, or might have other important commitments. The aim of the project is to provide person centered care and employ passionate and well-trained staff to work hard to ensure that everyone’s personal desires and preferences are respected.

For the project to be implemented I will need to raise £3,000,000, I would be happy to approach the bank for a loan to get started. The answer will be NO. I do not have the financial resources and credit history to get a UK Bank Loan to fund this community Interest Company.

Project: 24 bed Respite Care & Short Breaks with modern environmental equipment

Funds required to start and complete Project: £3,000,000


Dwight a Kind hearted American freelance architect designed the building and provided all completed drawings. Please watch the video created by Dwight and students.