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18 Oct Freelance Petition Campaigners Needed

UK Freelance Petition Campaigners Required

I need to hire petition campaign individuals in the UK to work together as part of a team and help “I Say Yes To Change Campaign” support vulnerable adults and the Elderly in the UK petition to succeed. Image

This is a freelance position fee rate is negotiable, you will be mainly working from home and at your free time, but will be required to meet with the team at an agreed location in Manchester.

I am looking for activists with different experiences to form a team, experience will range from on the-ground organising, public relations and marketing and online communities/social media. You must be knowledgeable about British politics, policies, and parliament and government structures.

I believe in the universal struggle for human rights. I have been through a lot and I am still going through very hard and painful times. A journey that is not mine alone, but a journey worth fighting for, as it will provide hope and better health and home care services to all those vulnerable Adults and the Elderly who need it.

However, I cannot win this fight on my own and thus why I am advertising for people with different skills and expertise to please join us campaign for change in law to make United Kingdom a better place for weak and Defenceless in the Society.

I have started a petition on, approximately 2 months ago and currently has 5,400 signed signatures

Facebook causes page, please read comments left by people who support the petition

If you have the skills to be part of the Petition Campaign, please send your CV, include strategic plan and how much you would like to be paid for your services. If you have any questions please leave a message on contact page

Objectives and what we want to achieve

Introduction of specific laws aimed at protecting whistleblowers and setting out specific standards of care for vulnerable adults and the elderly so that standards may be maintained

Re-examination of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) under The Care Act 2014, CQC do not have the remit to regulate Councils or their Social Services departments.

Those responsible for covering up malpractice, whether it be management, trade unions or anyone else, should be held accountable in a criminal court

Tighten the laws around bullying and harassment at work

Establish specific whistleblowing courts, with a focus on improving services and learning lessons from mistakes made. tighten the laws so that verbal bad faith evidence is not given priority over written documentation evidence

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