Open Letter Sent to Paul Kenny


23 Jul Open Letter Sent to Paul Kenny


Open Letter to GMB Leader

Dear Sir Paul Kenny,

I extend my heartfelt congratulations to you Sir Paul Kenny, the leader of the GMB union, the third biggest union for being honoured with a knighthood. After receiving your award you spoke of your pride stated “I have accepted this as recognition of the crucial role trade unions play in society”.

After only a few months into the job, I noted that working conditions and relationships were poor. I never knew I was blowing the whistle. I thought I was just doing my job. I reported my concerns to Individual Solutions SK management, as well as the GMB Trade Union, and made recommendations for improvement frequently. Little did I know that I had inadvertently taken on a target oriented, profit first, care later system and my concerns threatened the stability of the system.

After I attempted to expose bad practice at Individual Solutions SK private owned company of Stockport Council providing care for vulnerable adults and the elderly, I have been subjected to continued harassment and abuse that persists today. I even attempted to get the GMB Trade Union involved so that I could have someone fighting my corner, but they refused to support me. I took my case to an employment tribunal, but key witnesses were prevented from giving evidence by an extremely hostile judge, who made personal attacks on me and ordered I pay Stockport Council and Individual Solutions SK £,5000 in costs.

I am willing to stand up for what I believe is right, but not everyone has the capability to withstand the kind of treatment I have been subjected to. If justice is to be served, both for me and other whistleblowers like me, we need to have the protection of the law in order that we may have the confidence to speak out to improve the provision of care for vulnerable people.

Sadly, my case is not an isolated incident. There are countless occasions where someone is bullied into silence when they discover corrupt or unfair practices, meaning the guilty go unpunished. I turn to you for assistance because after being honoured with a Knighthood you said “We get denigrated for standing up against exploitation and bullying, so I’m delighted our role is finally being recognised.” I urge you as the leader of GMB Trade Union If you agree with me that the weak and defenceless in our society deserve our help and protection, then please join with me to campaign for a change in the law so that justice may be served and the vulnerable protected.

I ask that:

  • Those responsible for covering up malpractice, whether it be management, trade unions or anyone else, should be held accountable in a criminal court.
  • GMB Union conduct an independent enquiry into the handling of my case after I  drew attention to the terrible working conditions and explain to the public why it failed to act and  expose bad practice at Individual Solutions SK.
  • Sign the petition, I Say Yes to Change, and support the campaign for a change in the law for a better, fairer society for all. Tighten the laws around bullying and harassment at work
  • Support the establishment of specific whistleblowing courts, with a focus on improving services and learning lessons from mistakes made
  • Prevent employers from using the threat of cost orders to force whistleblowers to withdraw their case

I believe that Britain is a country founded on democracy and justice. With your help, we can change this country for the better, by providing justice and protection to the vulnerable, while holding those in power and authority accountable to their actions.

Thank you for your support.

Confirmation Letter Email Received

GMB Trade Union has confirmed Email Letter has been received by Sir Paul Kenny, Leader of GMB.

On Tuesday, July 28th 2015, received email from executive officer

“Dear Ms Olesi

Thank you for your email to Paul Kenny, General Secretary which has been forwarded to Paul McCarthy, North West & Irish Regional Secretary

NO Update from GMB

Mr McCarthy is yet to respond to the letter sent to Sir Paul Kenny. I am still waiting for a reply. No action has been taken. GMB representatives were aware of the poor working conditions, shortage of carers and Home Support workers to provide services to adults and vulnerable elderly failed to act and intervene.

Update on Bullying and Hate Harassment,

I’ve sent an email to Mr Paul McCarthy, he replied on Monday, 3 Aug 2015 at 12:17 pm

“I can categorically state that the GMB is not involved in a bullying and harassment hate campaign against you.  As a GMB member you are entitled to representation and you also have access to the GMB’s legal helpline, 0300 333 0303”

I rang the GMB’ Legal helpline, was advised to send in documentation, sent in less than ¼ of the documents as I needed legal advise. I have spoken today (12.08.15) to GMB unionline solicitor who informed me they do not provide legal advice, they assess merits of cases on Employment Law only my case is civil. This left me surprised as when I rang the Unionline on or before 5th August 2015, I was advised Stockport Council solicitor cannot communicate with me on issues that do not involve current appeal. Unionline are now distancing themselves from the advise they gave me by stating do not provide advice.


On 10th August 2015 at 11:23 AM Paul McCarthy emailed to say

Your Appeal Hearing – Costs Order

“The GMB will not provide legal representation.  We were not involved in the original hearing, therefore we would not attend the appeal.”

Update Bullying and Harassment Hate Campaign

GMB Unionline has advised they will not advise and support me on the above issue as they only deal with Employment Issues. GMB needs to clarify to its members the advise line is not available to support employees who are in need  of legal advise just like me. Protection from Harassment Act 1997 protects all everyone still GMB has refused to support me. I pay GMB union a monthly fee yet they have failed to provide services

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