Petition Summary and Video

30 May Petition Summary and Video

While working for Individual Solutions SK,  Stockport Council private owned company, I repeatedly attempted to draw attention to the poor working conditions and level of service provided to the vulnerable adults and elderly people in our care. I had hoped that this would lead to an improvement, but instead, I was subjected to intimidation, bullying and harassment, treatment that continues to this day in my work for Stockport Council.

You can read the full story of what happened to me here by clicking on the link full story.  I care passionately about getting justice for all to improve services and support for vulnerable adults and the elderly, which is why I’m making my case public. If you agree with me that the weak and defenceless in our society deserve our help and protection, then please join with me to campaign for a change in the law to support whistleblowers like myself.

Sign the petition, I Say Yes to Change, contact your local MP and spread my story across your social media accounts. The more we stand up and say that we will not accept this treatment, the more likely it is that we can truly make a change for a better, fairer society for all.

Stand with me and say yes to change.

Click this link to sign the petition on

Please download and send this template letter to Hon Theresa May, thank you for your support

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