Sign the Petition: Tell Hon Theresa May : Support vulnerable adults and the elderly in the United Kingdom


Sign the Petition: Tell Hon Theresa May: Support vulnerable adults and the elderly in the United Kingdom

In July 2011, I began working in Resource Planning at Individual Solution SK, a privately owned company of Stockport Council, allocating staffing resources to support elderly and vulnerable adults.

I lost count of how many times my colleagues and I cried at our desks, frustrated at our inability to help the people we were supposed to support. People would ring to ask why their carer had not arrived. One care worker, who was too scared to give evidence, as they had signed a compromise agreement, visited a client on a Saturday morning in March 2012, to find that the lady had not had any visits at teatime or bedtime the day before. This lady suffered from dementia so had had nothing to eat and not been given medication. This was not an isolated incident.

I never knew I was blowing the whistle. I thought I was just doing my job when I reported my concerns to Individual Solutions SK management, as well as the GMB Trade Union. I discovered that the needs of the elderly and vulnerable adults were low on their list of priorities.

I turned to Manchester’s Employment Tribunal, in the hope that malpractice would be exposed.

Instead, the tribunal ruled against me, despite documented evidence in support of my case. They wouldn’t even hear a witness who had travelled 200 miles on my behalf.

Many whistleblowers are threatened with cost orders, so they are forced to withdraw their case. I have been ordered to pay £5,000 in costs, but I won’t back down. You can read the full story on my website.

If you agree with me that vulnerable adults and the elderly deserve to be happy, receive reliable, regular visits from home support workers and be treated to consistent, high quality care, then join me in saying yes to change.

Please Sign the petition, contact Hon Theresa May, spread the word and together we can get the law changed so that no one is afraid to speak out. Together, we can improve the care received by vulnerable adults and the elderly.

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